78s), You get one blue reputation item from killing the boss in the boss scenario (everyone gets one). Complete a large number of Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint achievements, viewable in the achievements panel. You have to make sure all the prisoners survive when you interact with the elevator to leave the scenario. Guides, databases, datamining, discipline calulators, tools, news, theorycrafting, and more! I have only faced Station Guardian One, and we wiped once when the adds werent downed fast enough. Well geared level 55 players (i.e. You also get one blue reputation item for completing the flashpoint quest (immediate repeatable without daily lockout). The best way I found was to wait for him to start channeling his ability, then as soon as it starts, I walk through him, then when he turns around to face me, I repeat until he is ready to be attacked again. Serving as Kuat Drive Yards legendary shipyards, the ring appeared to galactic citizenry as an immense scaffold in space, bridged and augmented with enormous habitats and machinery. Kuat Drive Yards has five scenarios that players can get assigned. Dulfy may want to add this to the Assembly line up cause i noticed something with one of the recorders the one for prulsion that recorder will sime times show up on that table in that room and also that big computer in the far back of the room. For the objective where you need to reach the Hangar Control Console, head upstairs. Feels more like a leveling heroic than a flashpoint. 6pads for me 10 times of those and it didnt solve. Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Armor Set is a Cartel Market item, which means it originally comes from the ingame Cartel Market, and can be obtained four different ways - bought on the GTN, bought or traded from another player, bought directly from the Cartel Market for cartel coins, or found by random chance in a Cartel Pack. that shows us the ad layout or percentage of ads to content as Google sees it.My site is fr.csaregeniuweeom; I now have ONE ad above the fold, but I do not … RE: Kuat Drive Yards General Discussion. Well geared level 55 players (i.e. Senior Designer, on Star Wars: The old Republic, Jesse Sky posted a news article on Kuar Drive Yards, last night. Chance seems to be less than 50%. There are also hints for the assembly process located here. I’m trying to get an overall sense of difficulty. This FP is totally insane , the difficult is so extreme that when tryed to do it with just basic attacks and closed eyes failed the first 2 attempts… There are at least four sets of hints/solutions. Question. Say you completed Major Benes and Station Guardian 1 but not Master Khoris, you can still roll one of the others as the final boss even if their achievement is complete; this means you may have to make several complete runs just to get the boss you need. The main thing that distinguishes Tactical Flashpoints is that they are role-neutral – in other … its tactical because you don’t need the trinity. This item can not be bought or sold on the GTN! I cleared it solo on the PTS with my Scoundrel. not sure if it was from me not being in a group or just a chance to get a kit. This is a scenario with more of a puzzle focus. I’ve only run it twice, but the drop rate from the mobs is very low and there is zero trash dropped. Players level 15-55 can join Kuat Drive Yards. Is the “leaving No one Behind” achievement bugged? Kuat Drive Yards is a tactical flashpoint, meaning it is role neutral (i.e groups have no traditional tank, healer, 2x dps requirement). To clarify, the flashpoint courier droid is unfortunately unavailable to characters level 54 and below. So you dont actually need to do the flashpoint to get the purple trophy, but thats what you have to do to keep it from bugging. ... New on Kuat Drive Yards Bug? However — and you might want to note this somewhere Dulfy — the one time mission appears to bug a lot: I activated the terminal where the GSF crew convo happens (the second “terminal”, after the initial mission start); I queued and ran the flashpoint, but talking to the Admiral did NOT complete the mission. This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any … Posted by. In addition to these Suppression Droids, you also need to watch out for a conal attack from Station Guardian One called Hail of Bolts. The Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards decoration fits into a large purple rectangle wall hook. It is really just misleading and not a bug because that second terminal gives you the flashpoint mission and everyone *thinks* that it counts toward the one-time mission, when it doesnt. For the boss scenario, it is also randomized from a pool of three possible boss scenarios. Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint gameplay: New SWTOR … Once you have done that, head to either West or East Holding Cells. For centuries, many of the galaxy’s largest and most powerful warships have been built by Kuat Drive Yards: a massive corporate complex of manufacturing plants and docks that form a ring around the planet Kuat. No other gear is dropped. Which in my opinion will make true MMORPGs extinct. They tend to always drop from an elite defender that is not the Loader Droid. in full 78s) can solo most of the scenarios but might have trouble with the final boss depending on how much DPS you can dish out. Starting at level 15, Kuat Drive Yards is accessible from Group Finder under the new Tactical Flashpoint category. u/jereellison. In the set 3 you label the weapon by the secondary and the other by the primary. Kuat Drive Yards mainly sold its products to the Galactic Empire, and the Galactic Republic previously. Each scenario is randomly selected, but contains multiple e… Providing guides and walkthroughs for your favorite games! They rain from the sky on to your character if you just play the game for fun. Additionally for completing all of the achievements you receive the KDY trophy art painting, which is a fairly large landscape that overflows both sides for the hook it hangs on (wall med or lg). (If you are in a group, you will need to roll for it but this elite defender can be soloed by those in good gear i.e. It fit very well into the theme of the flashpoint. It prioritizes the information in this order: Current listings found, showing current data:; This means that in the last scan of the … 3rd option, then 1st option, then 2nd option.Clockwise / 1-2-3 / left to right ordering. There is a one time starter quest inside the Starfighter Launch Deck as well as reputation vendors. The screenshot on the other 2 pads didn’t save. The Load Lifter BN-55 is the main elite defender in the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint. The Kuat Drive Yards Corporate armor set is a Cartel Market armor set that players can buy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Be warned, however – companions will not be bolstered, so you should bring a full group if possible. Someone doesn’t share the same opinion about a comment as you do: Apocalypse. http://tor-decorating.com/trophy-art-kuat-drive-yards/. You may need to move Master Khoris around to avoid the circles he drops. Question. They are all fairly simple logic puzzles. Access the Cells and Free the Prisoners: 0/10, Electronics: Prototype “Infiltrator” Package, Propulsion: Celestial Industries Powerhouse. Ads are an important part of what allows this and other sites within the … You may need to move Lord Modo around to avoid the circles he drops. So the bug appears to be the fact that the one-time mission only completes by queuing or by talking to the droid. Other than that, it’s fine I guess. Lord Modo main special attack is Force Crush which places 5-6 red circles on a party member over a time interval of a few seconds. Toggle Navigation Site. Here is a map showing the 4 rooms and their objectives, which could be randomized each attempt. Bonus: Loose Cannon: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. This will place a blue circle you need to stand in until the blue beam hits you, removing your debuff and placing a red circle on the ground that you need to avoid. 1 Person has to open all the cages for the achievement. The boss seems to have a chance to drop 1. The BS flag has been flown! 3rd option, then 1st option, then 2nd … also i noticed through few of my play throughs with the weapons recorder that to also sometimes shows up on the table in the room where you find it. u/jereellison. Fastest is Hangar Bay scenario as you can finish it in under 5 minutes if you don’t bother with the bonus objectives (they just give you credits anyways). ya just dont understand what its like to play games these days only to find them going downhill. Just completed and dropped 2 kits and didn’t win either but they seem pretty well spread out. Worked every time. So for lower levels that are bolstered in… what’s the exp like? Seems to have a chance now to drop a kit. I call out Riker on that. I thought it was nice. Easiest of 3 was with commando, and it should be very easy with a char in 78s, “Seemed kinda tough for classes with no heals or with good geared heal companion” –> I meant “or without” :p, What I didn’t test, but should be my best choice, is a hybrid tank/balance shadow in full dps gear, PS. This is done by interacting with this panel on either sides of the room and then interact with the middle console once it becomes active. ), Hahahah, I had that happen too. Soloed it today in Engineering in nearly full 78 (only implants and earpiece 72/75), was very hard due to the stupid adds spawning everytime. Every time he casts Activate Support, 4 Support Droids will spawn and channel an ability called Empower to increase his Charged levels. Bonus: Hangar Offensive: Defeat 35 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. There is an additional four set for the Assembly. Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), Guild Wars 2 (GW2) and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are currently covered. He will lose all the stacks of Charged levels once he uses Full Charge Volley. hesaidhesgoingtoplaywildstarhowmuchmoreclearcanitbe?! The first SWTOR fansite! Maybe it is with a tank. Stick to dailies and selling mats/cartel market stuff for credits. This reputation is called Imperial Forward Command on the Empire side and Republic First Fleet on the Republic side. Republic players will encounter Imperial Defenders and vice versa). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJIjoE27F-Q. The boss names are different between the factions but they are identical fights except the ability names are changed. Not sure if anyone has offered up this strategy for farming Kits, but I’ll share. Not pressing any key doesn't help either. The result is a fierce battle over control of Kuat that will see both factions calling on their greatest warriors to join the fray. He said he keeps logging in to only find disappointment, so what do i do but suggest him to play something else, it’s funny how a simple comment and suggestion to make his life better can be viewed as something negative, i meant no ill will by it but yet have ill will meant towards me. ... On Friday the SWTOR team hosted a "Cantina … SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards, comes together with the latest Game Update 2.6, is a brand-new and interesting Flashpoint. Bonus: Total Disarmament: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. It really showed me the state of the video game community today; just awful. Both Empire and Republic are grouping forces to lead an assault against the Kuat Drive Yards, the most famous shipyards in the galaxy. Fairly straightforward Scenario. There are two kinds of … in the next flashpoint there will be pink circles on the ground that will “tickle” your character, and they will giggle. You can also go over the hints placed on the table with the Electronics Assembler access code. If you’ve played the Kuat Mesas map in Starfighter, you might have wondered about the larger story surrounding the conflict. AT-ATs were first designed and assembled by Kuat Drive Yards during the Clone Wars. It is the first tactical flashpoint introduced. New on Kuat Drive Yards … Discover more posts about kuat-drive-yards. The Load Lifter BN-55 is the main elite defender in the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint. Kuat was a standard terrestrial planet of clouds, water, and land. Most people I’ve played with though had–massive–ADHD flare ups and just pressed anything they could to move forward; blowing up the ship every time. If you get a ‘you instance has been reset too recently’ lockout, log onto another character and do the same. Bonus: Disassembler: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Kuat Drive Yards Missile Magazine Binds on equip (Rating 122)Durability: 0/0Requires Level 49 Kuat Drive Yards Missile Magazine is an artifact item. Addressed performance issues within the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint. Very very tough to solo even with the med stations. Depending on your guild reputation bonus, the optimal reputation point to stop and consume the purple rep item have being calculated. Bonus: All Assembly Required: Correctly assemble the Starship. This will be a new type of instance that the team is calling a… Kuat Drive Yards Pressing spacebar during the second cinematic in the Kuat Drive Yard Flashpoint will no longer stop players from progressing. Its nice that dps don’t need to wait 30 mins just to get in a flashpoint. Tactical Ops. Seemed kinda tough for classes with no heals or with good geared heal companion. To obtain the proper clearance for travel to Kuat… It can be sold on the GTN too. Is it still possible to solo this in 4.X? Fortunately I won it. Is there any daily/weekly to go with this new FP? Each scenario has its own objectives and enemies as well. The main thing that distinguishes Tactical Flashpoints is that they are role-neutral – in other words, they are balanced for a combination of any four classes. Even if we appear by an airlock and then run up to the bridge would be OK. Just ran it solo and got no kit off the last boss. I got one yesterday. Rare versions of the Elite Defender tend to drop 1 KDY Construction Kit, The boss in the boss scenario drop 1 KDY Construction Kit sometimes (not guaranteed). Galactic Trade Network; Dark VS Light; Server Status; CXP Bonus ... Decoration Search; Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards; Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards. I did manage to do it as a watchman sent, but it was a 9-minute fight that could’ve been ruined by a single unlucky lag spike. Kuat Drive Yards is a new type of instance that we’re calling a Tactical Flashpoint. If the #3 electronics package was the known good item, you would select the #1 weapon and #2 drive. tip with the Master Khoris/Lord Modo: Watch out for blue circles on the ground, these won’t deal damage to you but they will slow you if you step into it so use Force Speed, Hydraulic Overrides etc to run out of it. Got 8 kits yesterday with this stragety. In every level, except the boss level, it can be found. Thanks to the strategies of the shrewd and ambitious Admiral Ranken, the time for an Imperial attack has finally come. The ‘bugged’ set 4 now has the full set of datapads, solution has not changed. I have also been experiencing critical explosions … Someone doesn’t like the same game is you: Apocalypse. Dumbing down an already easy game. Has anybody seen KDY Construction Kits? It’s kinda funny and awkward how you defeat the final boss and…you’re just standing there. also the involment of devs in that game is a breath of fresh air, felt like i was playing with them next to me in a net cafe. But I have gotten them from a total of about 15 bosses, so they appear, based on my small sample set, to be less than 50% drop rate. With a PUG you can easily miss out on the bonus mission and so spent 15 to 20 minutes for only $9k. He just said he’s going to play something else. This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. Kuat Drive Yards is a new type of instance that we’re calling a Tactical Flashpoint. And then I did it on my Imp character and only one dropped, off the final boss. not sure about Teso but im really looking forward to Wildstar, been in 2 betas and its a total blast. The reason people hate it is because nobody really enjoys doing "Tactical" flashpoints. Kuat has an unusual structure – you will be assigned two out of five possible gameplay scenarios, and then you will be matched against one of three final bosses. If you kill the rare elite defender, it will drop a blue reputation item instead. What you need to achieve to get the painting: Here are a few PTS Screenshots of the new GSF hangar on fleet and Kuat Drive Yards FP entrance: And here is a few screenshots of the Imperial GSF area on the PTS. Repeat for the other 2 solutions - the station to the left of your stable part will be 1 above, the station to the right will be 1 below. 2. You’ll also meet your Starfighter-exclusive crew members – (Aven Geth, Writch Hurley, Salan Rok, and MZ-12 for the Empire – Oro Wogawa, Kendra Novar, B-3G9, and Ashy for the Republic). Rewards 8730 credits. Complete prison cells with 5-9 prisoners alive regen your health between fights and such. Your pretty much show up and press the win button. Makes it an easier burn. Electronics Assembler Access Codes can be found near the Assembly Control Station on a table. It was absolutely disgusting to watch. When it comes to soloing the end boss, it’s really a matter of luck. 2021 MMO Guides, Walkthroughs and News. He just said it; very clearly in fact. In fact I dare say it is easier than running it 2-person than it is a 4-person because pugs in general are not very smooth-going. With 0% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11970 + 1440 = 13410 reputation/week (subscribers), With 10% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11979 + 1584 = 13563 reputation/week (subscribers), Blue: Forward Command Shield of Duty/Kuat Service Ribbon, Purple: Ranken Medal of Valor/Medallion of Hope, You get a single green reputation item from the elite defender (common). I didn’t… do they exist? Once you clicked the right one, go back to the Assembly Control and select Execute Autoassembly Task. Then i soloed it to be sure that nothing interferes and i didnt get any achievement. Since it says “single-handedly” does the same person has to open all the cages or, if all prisoners survive, everybody gets the achievement? Only had 1 kit out of 3-4 runs last night from the final boss. You can’t quite use it until you find the 3 access codes. I hate to die as dps when 2 healers stand aside….

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