Many southeastern New Mexico anglers limit their efforts to hook a trout to the winter months when rainbows are stocked in small urban lakes. The species is endemic to high-elevation headwaters of the Fuerte River, Sinaloa River, and Culiacán River drainages in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. From Hwy 54, take Business Loop 54 (also Hwy 15 and 22) north through town for about 5 miles or so, turning left onto Hendricks Street. I first opened it to the catfish, and she knew what they were, but “they are not trucha”. Another thing I would love to do is guide clients into the region. The region is dissected with an incredible number of hills, valleys, small streams and larger rivers. The Mexican golden … Reliable advice on routing to Whiskey and all lakes on the Navajo Nation is strongly advised. Down here in the tropics, I would think that would be a minimum elevation, and even then the trout would need a bit of a “cooling” boost like the river in Uruapan, being it starts out as an underground river, which comes from even higher up in the Sierras. Between town and the Upper Valley is a 1-mile section designated Special Trout Waters. New Mexico Trout is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of trout fishing in New Mexico’s waters through restoration of riparian habitats and through the education of the public about trout fishing and the value of trout habitats. See also: Trout Fishing in Arizona. 1) It is late May of 2009, and the rain season for the coastal low areas will be starting in a couple of weeks. They hunt or trap javelina, deer, badgers, iguana, raccoons and possum. Due to the region’s isolation of my secret spot, the trout there are probably a subspecies of the rainbow, having evolved with slightly different colorations and markings than our more common rainbow north of the border. google_ad_width = 728;